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Stuck in Ditch

Jrop is the newest, freshest face in the world of towing, and our fleet is at your service whenever and wherever you most need us. When you need a tow, you need it right away. And for obvious reasons you need to know you can rely on the company coming to your rescue. You need a knight-in-shining-tow-truck service that is available for your call around the clock. And that is Jrop; a 24-hour tow truck with two trucks near you all the time! There's no worse feeling than realizing your car is stuck. And it always happens in the most inconvenient place and time. For instance…. * You're trying to get to the airport in a winter storm, and you've slid off the icy road into the ditch. * Your engine suddenly dies in the middle of an intersection with no way to pull off, and everyone honking at you to get out of the way compounds your stress. No matter where you find your car stuck, it's never a good time. And you need to get it moved fast! This is why you need to have our number saved in your contacts, so you have it ready at your fingertips in those inconvenient and unexpected times when you really need us.

Trust The Experts

So you're stuck in that ditch through no fault of your own, and you need a winch or a pull to get your car back on the road so you can get back to your busy day. What's the best option that will cost you the least money and get you back on the road the quickest? Call our guys to come to your rescue. You can bet that we're experts at handling slide-offs and cars stuck in the ditch. Whatever may have happened to land you there, we can get you pulled out in no time flat, and with no additional damage. If you need a tow to your service station, we're equipped for that--or if your car is good to go once it's free, we'll just get you out of the ditch. We're happy to recommend a nearby service station if you don't already have a favorite. Our guys will get to you more quickly than you'd believe. There's no need to panic when you've slid off in the ditch. Just pull out that phone and call us at 866-400-9494 (phone number) for quick rescue."
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