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Being stuck in a ditch is never planned. In fact, it typically occurs when you least expect, when you have a mechanical failure, loose traction due to poor road conditions or several other unexpected situations. When this happens, the last thing you need to worry about is searching your mobile phone for a local tow truck and hoping they can offer winch out service – without putting a huge dent in your bank account. If an accident occurs that causes you to end up stuck in a ditch, Jrop is on the job. We created Jrop to simplify the process of locating, booking and paying to have a local towing service provide winch out service and other common roadside services. The Jrop platform is easy to use, simple to navigate and can be accessed through our free mobile app or online. Basically – Jrop is roadside assistance that is one click away; without the monthly membership programs to join, no annual fees to pay, no hassles or hidden costs. The flat rate for a winch out service is $99. One of our local roadside technicians will come to your location and safely remove the vehicle if you're stuck in a ditch, mud or any obstruction that causes the car to be stuck. Once we remove the vehicle, our professional roadside assistance experts will ensure your car is safe to drive. If a tow would be required, an additional $4 per mile fee is charged.

How Does Jrop Winch Out Service Work?

Setting up a winch out service is simple, safe and secure with Jrop.

  • Simply download the Jrop app for Android or iOS on iTunes or Google Play. You can also access and set up services through our website Jrop.com.
  • Set up your user account information.
  • Click the GET HELP button.
  • On the first screen you'll see a series of icons. Click the Stuck in Ditch icon to begin the process.
  • Enter your vehicle information (including year, make, model and color)
  • Enter your location – or simply click the Use My Location button.
  • Enter your payment information through our secure mobile or online payment portal.
  • Click submit and you're set!

Our certified roadside service technicians have the right equipment, skills and experience to safely remove your vehicle from a ditch or anywhere you're stuck. Our team of technicians are certified, licensed, insured, bonded and experienced in correct procedures for removing vehicles from a ditch. You can feel safe knowing that we also complete detailed background checks on all roadside assistance professionals, and if damage were to occur, you're covered.

Why Should We Use Jrop If We're Stuck A Ditch And Need A Which Out?

When a situation occurs that causes you to become stuck, it might be tempting to attempt to get "unstuck" yourself. However, this could cause more physical damage to the vehicle; especially if you are stuck in snow. If the tires continue to spin, it can cause serious damage inside the transmission that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. This is a great example of why setting up a winch out service through Jrop is a smart idea. If you have any questions about our services, the Jrop customer service support team is available by chat, phone or email around the clock. Once your service has been completed, Jrop encourages you to review your roadside service professional through our app. This helps us improve our services and keeps our people honest, working hard to ensure you are completely satisfied with your service. Jrop is dedicated to simplifying the process of setting up emergency roadside services that pop up when you least expect. If your car, truck or SUV becomes stuck, don't stress or worry – Jrop is on the job.


How can I tell if I need to be winched out?

A which out service will be required if all four wheels are stuck in mud, snow, sand or ice. If the vehicle is unable to drive itself out or if the vehicle if more than a few feet from paved road.

Are a winch out and a recovery the same thing?

Not typically, a winch out service is usually used to assist a vehicle with getting back to driveable terrain. A recovery is usually when a vehicle cannot be easily accessed. An example of this would be a flipped vehicle in an embankment.

Will my vehicle need to be towed away?

If your car is stuck in mud, snow or in a ditch a winch out would be appropriate. Keep in mind with recovery's if the car has encountered damage to the drivetrain we can tow it to a repair shop.

"I'll never need to look for another roadside assistance company again."
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