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Jrop Offers The Best Locksmith Solution for car. We Provide Mobile Car Locksmith,Lost Car Keys, Broken Car Key Extraction & Key Repair, Ignition Repair, & Car Lock Replacement. 

We'll help you if you are missing your Ford key, and you are searching for a spare key copy or replacement.

One of the common questions we're getting is- How much does a ford car key replacement cost? There's not one clear answer. Some different factors count. The very first thing you have to know would be that we sell at up to 80 percent cheaper and real ford brand key fobs keyless entry than the key replacements from ford dealerships.
Jrop Ford

One thing that is really important is the condition of the Ford key fob keyless entry. We sell the Ford OEM key copy, fresh, used as well as not OEM for people who want to save more. Second thing that really matters is the product type you are searching for. It would be even cheap to use a classic Ford remote rather than the Ford smart key replacements.

New Ford car keys are immediately available from our store

You will receive new Ford car keys with us immediately. For most Ford models, you can choose either a standard remote control key or a more affordable car key copy without a remote control. You can see the prices of Ford car keys by putting your car information in the fields above. We program new car keys in our store and for that we need a car on site as well as all the keys we have on hand.  

The production of car keys usually takes about an hour, during which you can wait in our comfortable customer space, for example, watching your favorite series from Netflix. We also offer refreshments as well as daily newspapers. We give a 12-month quality guarantee for all car keys we make. Book your own time to make a car key here. We also serve without an appointment.  

Most popular models

Ford car key repair - no unnecessary costs 

We always try to repair the old car key first, as it is cheaper than making a new one. We repair broken Ford car keys while the customer is waiting in our store and we also offer repair service by post.

If you mail us your car key for repair, please include a message stating that you have detected a car key fault and your own contact information. We will always repair the car keys received by us no later than the next working day after their arrival. The repair work will be invoiced in connection with the return of the car key.

You can also buy individual car key parts from our online store if you want to repair your car key yourself.

The most common faults in Ford car keys  

The key does not turn in the locks. The metal part of Ford car keys wears out in use so that it no longer works on the doors / ignition switch. The fault can be rectified and the car may not be needed. Please note that the door can always be locked with a worn key. So be careful not to lock yourself outside the car.

Wear of the remote control buttons. The car key is always made near me like new by replacing worn key shells with new ones made near me. No car needed on site.

The remote control stops working/broken. The fault can be caused by many different reasons. Always check the battery of your car key first. If the key does not work despite the battery replacement, it is advisable to check the function of the key signal next. We inspect car keys and their repairability free of charge. In the event of a fault in the remote control, it is a good idea to bring the car to the scene.

Are all Ford car keys lost?

We can make a new car key copy for you even when all the keys are drowned or missing/lost, made near me. In order to make a new car key copy, the car must be towed to our store, the necessary parts must be removed from the car for programming the car key.  

Contact us to find the most sensible solution on a case-by-case basis. At the same time, you will receive an accurate offer for new car keys. Please note that most vehicle insurances cover towing costs, check with your own insurance company.  

Did you get your car keys replacement recently, and now you are thinking of programming key fobs for Ford? We have you covered by Jrop! For easier vehicle control, many latest Ford vehicles arrive with a remote key fob keyless entry. It is easy programming a new key fob if your car is fitted with the keyless entry and you follow the steps.  

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